Restore Hitachi Hard Drive

Hitachi is one of the leading manufacturers of hard drive that is known for producing reliable and best quality hard drives to give better performance. Hitachi is the popular to produce a variety of hard drives, solid state drives and external hard drives. Hitachi hard disk can be referred as the hard disk that is portable. They are easy to carry, easily upgradable and can store data for a long time without requiring power supply. Therefore, they are mainly used for data backup purpose.

Like any other storage components the hard drive of your computer might also get corrupted due to a number of reasons, including hardware problems, operating system errors, system crashes, improper shutdowns, human errors etc. Some of the signs of corrupted hard disk drive are missing files, slow access, program crash, system doesn’t boot, and system freezes.

If you are wondering about how to recover Hitachi hard drive, then here is the best software named as Windows disk recovery tool. This software can restore Hitachi Hard drive partition on the computer after deletion or loss. The software can recover up to 300 file types with its powerful scanning mechanism. You can recover files from the different file systems of the partitions on Windows like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT. This software can also retrieve pictures from hard drive to know more go this page link

Factors for Hitachi Hard Drive Data Loss:

Human Error: You may intentionally delete some of the important data from Hitachi hard disk using “Shift + Delete” keys, improper use of Cut & Paste commands and by emptying Recycle Bin. You can also delete files from Windows Command prompt by mistake. All these would leasd to loss of vital data.

Bad Sectors: When sectors on the hard drive containing your vital data becomes bad or unusable, and you are unable to access data from bad sectors, then makes all the data unreadable causing data loss. But, if you want to retrieve Hitachi hard disk data having bad sectors, then make use of our recovery tool.

Crashed hard drive: Hitachi disk may crash because of software malfunction, bad sectors, OS failure, file system corruption etc. resulting in Hitachi hard disk data loss. Sometimes, to get rid from this problem user re-install their Windows OS and lose all their crucial files. At such situation, only Windows disk recovery tool can help them to recover files after reinstalling Windows.

Virus / Malware attack: Virus attack is one of the major reasons for corruption. It can severely affect the partition in the Hitachi hard drive. Using same Hitachi hard drive in different computers can result in virus infection that in turn spoils all the data resulting in inaccessibility and hence loss of data. Windows disk recovery tool provides you an perfect answer for how to recover Hitachi hard drive and find Hitachi HDD data with great ease.

Features of Windows Disk recovery software:

Necessary steps to restore Hitachi hard drive:

Step 1: Disconnect affected Hitachi hard drive from PC and connect it to another system as a secondary storage device. Download and install demo version of this recovery software in your system. Launch the program by double clicking the desktop shortcut and the main window appears. Select " RECOVER PARTITIONS / DRIVES” option from the main screen and proceed further as shown figure 1.

Restore Hitachi Hard Disk - Main Screen

Figure 1 - Main Screen

Step 2: Select either “FORMATTED / REFORMATTED RECOVERY” or “PARTITION RECOVERY” from the next screen, choose it based on your scenario refer figure 2.

Restore Hitachi Hard Disk - Select Option

Figure 2 - Select Option

Step 3: The program detects all the physical drives and displays. Select the drive from which you want to recover lost data refer figure 3. Then it starts scanning and then displays all the recovered data in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”.

Restore Hitachi Hard Disk - Select Logical Drive

Figure 3 - Select Logical Drive

Tips to avoid deletion / loss of data from Hitachi hard drive:

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