How to Restore Corrupted Hard Drive Partition???

Hard drives are the storage device which are used to store and provide quick access to large amounts of data in a computer. Hard drive is an internal storage device that stores all system files and user documents including your operating system files. Partitioning is a process of splitting up the hard disk into multiple sections that are known as partition which can store data in different capacity according to need. But, if your partition gets corrupted because of file system corruption, operating system malfunctioning, virus infection or even due to re-sizing of the partition area then it leads to inaccessibility of data stored in that particular partition of the hard drive.

Thus, to retrieve corrupted hard disk partition, you have to employ some good drive restoration tool. Windows disk recovery is the best solution which knows how to restore corrupted hard drive partition just within a matter of time. This utility is capable of recovering different type of files from the hard drive partitions and it creates disk image to bypass the bad sectors and recovers data located on those sectors. It has designed with fast inbuilt scanning algorithms that rigorously scans and helps to recover corrupted disk partition. This software can restore photos from hard drive that are lost due to partition corruption or any other reason. Click on the link to know how actually the tool helps in hard drive photo recovery.

Usual scenarios for Disk Partition Corruption:

Bad Sectors on hard drive: Bad sectors on the hard drive may be occured due to continuous vibration created by the head of hard drive on the platter. Bad sectors created will affect the stored hard drive data as it may result in system crash leading to data loss. But, if you want to recover corrupted disk partition due to bad sectors, then employ this software.

Re-partitioning of hard disk: Hard drive can be corrupted or damaged after improper or incomplete re-partitioning or resizing of the hard drive. The reason for interruption may be power failure, improper software installation, corruption in the logical disk structure, operating system malfunction, etc. If you are thinking about how to restore corrupted hard drive partition data, then you have to use Windows disk recovery tool that would help you to retrieve corrupted hard disk or inaccessible data.

Accidental Deletion: You might have accidentally deleted the partition that had important data instead of deleting the empty partition either by using Windows Disk Management Utility or Windows Command Prompt. When you delete the partition, all the data stored on that partition gets deleted resulting in data loss.

Virus Attack: When you turn on your system, you will get a text error on a blue screen and then your system stops working. This type of error is called as Stop errors. Stop errors are usually caused by viruses, errors in the file system, a corrupted hard drive etc. When you get such errors, all your data becomes inaccessible resulting in data loss. Using this disk recovery tool, it is very easy to recover corrupted disk partition that too within less span of time.

Features of Windows Disk Recovery Software:

Learn How to Restore Corrupted Hard Drive Partition:

Step 1: Disconnect the affected hard drive and attach it to a healthy computer. Download and install demo version of Windows disk recovery software to the new computer. Then run the software and select “RECOVER DRIVES” from the main window to recover corrupted disk partition as depicted in Figure 1.

Recover Corrupted Disk Partition - Home Screen

Figure 1 - Home Screen

Step 2: Select “PARTITION RECOVERY” from next screen to retrieve corrupted hard disk partition as in figure 2.

Recover Corrupted Disk Partition - Select Partition Recovery

Figure 2 - Select Partition recovery

Step 3: As you make your selection, the software will display all the physical drives present on that system. Click on the affected hard drive and press ‘NEXT’ as depicted in Figure 3.

Recover Corrupted Disk Partition - Select Logical Drive

Figure 3 - Select Logical Drive

Step 4: Now wait till the software completes corrupted hard disk partition recovery. Once recovered, the software displays all the recovered files in “FILE TYPE VIEW” or “DATA VIEW”. If you are happy with the recovery results then purchase its full version to save the restored partition data.

Recover Corrupted Disk Partition - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4 - Preview Recovered Files

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