In this PC world, Windows operating system computers are highly used because of their simple user interface and as they deliver best to their users. Hard drive is the main component of your Windows computer or laptop. Windows hard drive is not only a storage device that facilitates non-volatile storage of data, even much more than it is a place where your operating system, program files, and other data resides. Most of the people think that whatever data they store on these hard drives remain safe and secure for their lifetime. But, in reality this is not the case. Under some critical situations, users end up losing their vital data even from these Windows hard disk. At this particular stage, the only way to perform hard disk recovery on Windows is to employ some trustworthy third party Windows recovery disk tool. Windows disk recovery is one such software, that can recover Windows hard drive data easily with great accuracy. You can try this tool even if you have reformatted your Windows disk. Just click on to know how to get data off a reformatted Windows disk.

Restore Corrupted Hard Drive Partition:

Partitioning the hard drive generally helps to get faster access to the required data and for the best performance of the hard drive. It stores the data in an organized way by making use of file systems. If you are suffering from hard drive partition corruption due to any reason then use Windows recovery disk tool. This software is the best and appropriate solution to restore Windows hard disk partition after any sort of corruption or damage issues. To know how this Windows Recovery Disk tool actually performs hard disk recovery on Windows and recovers corrupted hard drive partition simply click on the given site link

Recovery of Media Files from Windows Hard Drive:

Pictures play an important role in remembering your precious moments happened in life. Usually everyone will feel bad after losing beloved photos which are clicked on best moments. Images that are stored on your Windows hard drive might get lost or deleted due to virus attack, file system error etc. No matter how you lost photos from Windows hard disk, you can recover Windows hard drive by using Windows disk recovery software. This tool can easily restore photos from hard disk on Windows with help of built-in algorithms. It can efficiently carry out Windows recovery disk and helps users to recover Windows hard drive deleted or lost data just within few simple clicks of your mouse.

Data Restoration from Flash Drive:

Flash drives are external data storage drives that use flash memory to save data. It is considered to be the safe and easiest way of carrying data from one place to another. But, in certain instances, these flash drives bring unpredictable risk wherein you lose your valuable files due to some known or unknown causes. However, with the use of Windows Recovery Disk program, it is very easy to restore flash drive data on Windows OS based computers. The Windows Disk Recovery tool scans the entire flash drive to restore photos, videos, audios, etc. in just a few minutes. It allows you to search different file types and arrange the recovered files on basis of their file attributes.

Recover Windows Hard Drive of Different Brands:

With the developed technologies, along with internal Windows hard disk, many people employ external hard drives. There are various brands of external hard drives which are made available in the market. Among which, Hitachi hard drives are highly preferred due to its enduring features. Hitachi hard disks are used for storing data and it come with different storage capacities as per requirement of the users. Hitachi hard drives are reliable to use, but it is difficult to avoid deletion / loss even from Hitachi hard drives. Windows Recovery Disk tool is the proficient recovery tool with the help of which you can recover data from non-bootable or crashed Hitachi hard drives. The software helps you to restore Windows hard disk files from various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT partitions. This tool can recover files from different types of hard drives like SCSI, SATA, IDE, etc. To know more click it.

Precautions to be followed:

Recent Updates:

Data Recovery after Reinstalling Windows: Looking for a way to recover lost files after reinstalling Windows OS? Then visit this page:, here you will find a suitable Windows Recovery Disk tool to get back data after re-installing Windows operating system.

How to Save Data of A Reformatted Windows Disk: Do not bother if you have reformatted your Windows disk. Go to and get to know how you can get back lost data from reformatted disk

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